Amigo Empalmado / Usted / Robin Fisher – another El Susto extravaganza


Oy! El Susto Presents:

Amigo Empalmado
Freshly returned from the Rock in Rio Festival marking the last stop in a world tour promoting their massive debut album CHOCOPOLLA (2016), El Susto´s Amigo Empalmado hits Berlin for the first time. This band needs no introduction. They are a joke. Literally.

Half man, half man. That guy who plays escorted by a stuffed cotton alter-ego with no name. A project by Roberto Miranda of The Moustache fame, in which electronic music, performance and ironic theater collide in total awkward embarrasement.

Robin Fisher
Freshly escaped from the UK brexit nightmare, Robin plays lightning-fueled fingerpicked ukulele underneath stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Raw and tasty

Kleiner Salon
Manteufelstr. 42, xberg
Free entry