Producer and performer of electronic music from Beirut, Lebanon. Known for catchy beats, eccentric sampling, and energetic performances, OkyDoky‘s music consists of live instrumentation, sampling, effects modulation, and vocoding using laptops, synthesizers, midi-controllers, and other audiogenic toys. Mainly breaks-based, his style includes influences from 80s electro hiphop to synthwave, techno, and metal.

With a background in classical violin and metal guitar, OkyDoky has been producing and performing electronic music since 2008 and was an early player in the growing live electronic music scene from Beirut, Lebanon. OkyDoky’s live sets commonly feature collaborations with other live electronic musicians and VJs, and he has also been invited to perform in music festivals in England, Scotland, the United States, and France.

After some years focusing on live gigging, OkyDoky spent 2012-2013 in Berlin and New York City writing and producing his debut full-length album, Boombox (2013), which explores old school instrumental hiphop through analog instrumentation and sampling with a heavy bass influence. The album includes remixes from six other artists from Lebanon and France.

OkyDoky is currently based in Berlin.