Of course, you can book any of El Susto’s artist! We play house parties, small venues and big stadiums. Just write us to and let’s rock!

Are you looking for gigs in Berlin and Germany? We recently started offering a limited, small-scale, booking service for friends and fellow bands. Berlin is a thriving city and we have experience in booking small venues, so if you are thinking about playing here, get in touch with us and maybe we can help you booking your gigs, lending you the backline or even setting up your accomodation for a night or two.

Conditions vary from gig to gig, so we will have to arrange something in a case-to-case basis.
If you think we could be interested in your offer, let us know at:

To this point, we have organized bookings for:

Jonah Matranga (US)
Pumuky (ES)
J. Krawietz (ES/DE)