J. Krawietz


J. Krawietz (1981, Santa Cruz de Tenerife) is one of the founders and closest friends of El Susto Records.

In 2009, after more than a decade playing in different bands, he started writing songs where blues and rock go hand in hand with glitches and beatboxes. In his repertoire, synthetic ballads that sound like dream landscapes coexist with nervous electric discharges that aim directly to your feet and spit syllables like a rapper.

His performances are a suprageneric cocktail of old and new waves. Steling from lots of sources without pigeonholing himself, his music has the effect of a hurricane – all jumps, energy, and quirky dances: a challenge for your brains, your heart and your feet.

Krawietz has published two records: the self-produced EP “I Told You” and the critically acclaimed LP “Shapes”, published by Vagueness Records.