Foto by Zhana Yordanova

Foto by Zhana Yordanova

Behind Pumuky are brothers Jaír and Noé Ramírez, born in Icod de los Vinos, a little town in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). Current members of the band are also Adán Zeus and Daniel Benavides.

In March 2015 they published their fourth LP, called ‘Justicia Poética’, published by Spanish label Jabalina Música, who are also responsible for the recent reissue one of their most beloved records, ‘El bosque en llamas’. During 2014 they did an extensive tour that took them to Mexico, where they played the NRMAL Festival, one of the most prestigious music festivals in Latin America.

They were discovered with a demo that was declared “Best Demo of the Year” by Disco Grande (Radio 3, Spain) – a true springboard for many Spanish bands. His debut came in 2006 and was called ‘De
viaje al país de las tormentas’ (Discos FUP), followed by the EP ‘Los exploradores perdidos’ (Lejos Discos) – 3rd Best EP of 2007 for Spanish music mag Rockdelux. They were signed by Jabalina and released ‘El bosque en llamas’ in 2009, creating a lot of buzz around them: it was listed as one of the Best LPs of the Year by publications like GoMag or Club Fonograma. In 2011 they published a 7″ for Jabalina that was inspired by the aboriginal legends of the Canary Islands, and later their critically acclaimed 3rd LP, ‘Plus ultra’, which was featured in many “Best of the Year”-Lists: Rockdelux, GoMag, Radio 3, Muzikalia…

Pumuky has become one of the “great small bands” of the independent musical scene, earning the respect of the critics and a cult following of enthusiasts that keeps growing, crossing borders and reaching countries like Mexico or Chile. They have played many important festivals like BAM, Deleste Festival, South Pop, Let’s Festival, Keroxen, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Monkey Week, Sonorama, NRMAL, WOMAD, and many other gigs in and out of Spain.


Complete Discography

  • Justicia Poética / LP (Jabalina Música 2015)
  • Pumuky y el eterno femenino / EP 7” (Jabalina Música 2013)
  • Plus ultra / LP (Jabalina Música 2011)
  • Gara, Nira, Amarca… / EP 7” (Jabalina Música 2011)
  • El bosque en llamas / LP (Jabalina Música 2009)
  • Los exploradores perdidos / EP (Lejos Discos 2007)
  • De viaje al país de las tormentas / LP (Discos FUP 2006)

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