What are you gonna do with this tape now that you’ve thrown away your cassette player?
This time the El Susto fanzine speaks to you through an object from the past. And yet, it comes filled with music, in the unabashed and lush tones of modernity, courtesy of our artists and friends. Now that’s special, leute.

This is an
Why Epilation?
Because we want to hear you scream like you were getting a wax job on your pubic area.

And we are celebrating its release in this WAXING PARTY,

for the brave ones by Mamachicho Friseur (Katerkrank Produktions. https://www.facebook.com/katerkrank?fref=ts)

OkyDoky (El Susto Records)
Pira Lemu
J.Krawietz spinning some of his records.

1€ on 1st drink.

Where? At Herz in Neukölln:


Our new fanzine is here!!

Dear Patients,

we presented our last fanzine last week – a medical themed miscelanea that includes funny little pictorial jokes, favorite side-effects and a full medical check up of our admired friend Stephen Paul Taylor.

Please keep this fanzine with you at all times, you might need it in the future. And stay tuned form coming issues!

We Need A Booh!

It´s here! The new video from “The Moustache Wasn´t There”…”I NEED A BOOOH”. A glitchy, lysergic view of the band´s album release party by videoartist Alby Alamo… Enjoy!


I Need A Boooh – New Single Out Very Soon!



“I NEED A BOOOH”, the new single+video from “The Moustache Wasn´t There”, will be out very soon and it will feature a previously unreleased extended version of the song, recorded LIVE at the album presentation party in Culture Container, Berlin.

The video, directed by artist and videoist Alby Álamo is “an ode to dirty pixels, cheeky glitches and awkward digital collage that revisits the legacy of the most acid psychedelia”.

Stay tuned!

“No le importamos al nadie” – a new E.P. by Agentes del Orden

Join us in a loud, affirmative, extatic “YES!!!” – The new E.P. by Agentes del Orden, “No le importamos a nadie” can be streamed online from their bandcamp.

4 ambitious songs that will defy any understanding: Agentes del Orden sing about making your wishes come true, the need for fresh air in closed rooms or people that share the same name.

We are preparing a very special show next april and there you will be able to buy a very limited physical edition of this record, handmade by our beloved lycra men. Stay tuned for more info!!

The Wishmaster is here!

Agentes del Orden is working on a new record and they surprised us last week with the publication of a new video for upcoming single “Wishmaster”.

Quirky dances, lycra, funny faces and lots of fun… ENJOY!

Aïda Gómez presents “Joy Is Here”

Joy is here

JOY IS HERE is an interactive installation by street artist Aïda Gómez, good friend and cofounder of El Susto, for Open Walls Gallery. It is presented as a massive word search game. The exhibition works as a response to the worldwide saddest day of the year, known as Blue Monday.

Street artist Aïda Gómez was born in Madrid, Spain, 1986. Between 2006 and 2011 Aïda Gómez worked as part of the La Pluma Eléctri*k street art collective working on projects such as Spider Tag and Unexpected Gallery and came to view the streets as her playground, using unusual techniques and what the artist terms non-violent materials to reveal hidden treasures. This includes pieces such as Home Is Where Your Heart Is, a series of cross stitched hearts on street fences, using techniques her aunt taught her as a child The Joy is Here active installation in Berlin is an opportunity to go forget about the world and to go and play out on the streets and perhaps relive some of that enjoyment you felt when discovering the world as a child.

The interactive installation JOY IS HERE by Aïda Gómez will be at the Open Walls Gallery in Berlin between 24th January and 7th February 2015.

Saturday January 24th from 19:00 onwards

On display:
Wednesday to Saturday, 13:00 to 19:00
& by appointment – info@openwallsgallery.com

Our Calendar is here!

As last issue of the year, El Susto’s fanzine has mutated, and it has become a Calendar.

But as we are talking about el Susto, it is a very special Calendar: one that, like time, doesn’t make sense and cannot be used at all. It has no days in it because days go slow and years go fast, proving once again that time is wrong. It has twelve months, but you have to decide which one is which. And if you like it, you can reuse it for next year. It is a sad, confusing calendar, full of small jokes, gloomy messages and fantastic pictures. Each month has been illustrated by one of our members or friends, each one of them could do whatever they wanted to do.

This is our christmas present for you all: a calendar you can hang on the wall, behold, and cry – unusable like art, sincere like we are, crazy like everybody. Enjoy it!